Strategies to Win Money in Aviator Crash Casino Game

The Aviator game was developed by a British iGaming company in 2019. After some time of development, the Aviator crash gained tremendous popularity in online casinos. The reason behind the popularity of aviator casino game is the ease of playing the game.

Aviator game belongs to the category of crash games and uses a plane that moves in an upward direction. The plane moves by using the RNG (Random Number Generator) software. It continuously flies at higher and higher altitudes. However, when the plane disappears from the screen, then the game ends.

How to Play Aviator Crash Game?

As you know, that aviator game is very easy to understand because there is only one rule to play the game. The rule is that players must cash out before the plane disappears from the screen. So expect this simple rule player had nothing to know for playing this game.

Players can place bets between 0.1 credits to 100 credits. In one game, they can make a maximum of two bets simultaneously. However, each bet will be entirely independent of the other. Each player places the bet before the player takes off.

Once the plane flew, the players had to decide when to pull the trigger. Pulling the trigger after the plane disappears from the screen means you have lost that bet.So, players need focus and the right strategies to win the bets.

Using Auto Bet Feature in Aviator Game

Following the auto-betting strategy, players can play the game more calmly and increase their odds of winning. The auto-betting feature is like an instruction that automatically tells the casino to place the bet for players.

While doing the auto betting, players had to select the betting amount themselves. Then, after placing the bet, you have to monitor the plane and decide when to trigger the cash-out. To access this auto bet feature, search for it in the Auto menu in the bet panel option.

Using Auto Cash Out Feature in the Aviator Game

Auto cash out isanother automatic feature in the aviator casino game. The auto cash-out feature works similarly to the auto bet feature. However, in this feature, players can set out different conditions when to cash out, which will automatically trigger cash out at that time. Again, players can set different conditions; when the plane reaches a specific location, it must cash out.

Minimum Risk-Taking Strategy

This minimum risk strategy means prioritising small betting amounts and boosting your winnings by winning small amounts. Here, in this strategy, the target range is between 1.20 to 1.21. Also, targeting such small amounts means you will lose fewer amounts in case of loss.

Using this strategy, your primary focus should be building on your wallet by winning small amounts. If you are playing with a minimum-risk strategy, then play it with an Auto bet and Auto cash-out strategy. Combining these strategies will use less energy, and there will be low chances of errors.